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26 Jul 2019



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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 26 Jul 2019

There's always a lot of junk on a computer's hard drive. Temporary files, caches, cookies or other non-critical data can no only pile up in time, but it can also open you up to various risks. This is why it's important to clean up your system from time to time, but, of course, no one expects you to go through each folder on your hard drive and delete these files manually. That's what cleaners are for, and a good solution you can go for is R-Wipe. This piece of software is designed to erase useless files from top to bottom and eliminate any risk of something private falling in the wrong hands. If you perform regular maintenance with this tool or schedule it to do it automatically, you will have a well-running system, as well as your privacy ensured.

The software is free to try, without any noticeable functionality limitations. You can use it on any modern Windows system, and you can install it in just a few minutes. There is no need to install any special tools or services, and you don't have to worry about the program's hardware requirements because they are quite modest.

R-Wipe is capable of removing trace data left behind by web browsers and other applications, as well as leftover data left by the system itself. You can choose what type of temp data to remove either by selecting application icons in the largest part of the interface or selecting them in a tree structure on the left side. For each application you see in the tree structure, the software will show you what kind of files it will delete. You can find them in a list and select them individually via checkboxes. Finally, you can just click a button to start cleaning right away.

Temporary files are not everything the software is designed to delete. It can also wipe the free space on your hard drive, which may sound pointless to novice users, but people who know a thing or two about how writing and deleting data works will agree that it's a useful feature to have. By wiping your hard drive's free space, you essentially negate the risk of someone using a recovery utility to bring back the files you've deleted, which could be a problem if you wanted to get rid of something you don't want others to see.

Like with other cleanup utilities, you can schedule automatic cleanup jobs, to be carried out on certain days, at specific hours or when certain events occur. What's more, R-Wipe lets you create custom wipe lists, through which you can target individual files and folders manually. While the program is capable of detecting most common applications you install on your computer and show you the traces they leave behind, you may still have apps that don't show up in the list. In this situation, you can tell R-Wipe what files to delete and where to look for them.

Seeing everything it has to offer, it's hard to deny that R-Wipe is a complete and easy to master cleanup solution for any computer.


The software can delete trace data from numerous apps and from the system itself. Also, it lets you create custom cleanup lists and schedule automatic jobs. Its controls are well organized and easy to learn.


There are no obvious issues to address.



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